Destiny Allison, Santa Fe Metal Artist

Working in bronze, stone and steel for the past 15 years, artist Destiny Allison first fell in love with sculpting while playing with her son's modeling clay during a moment of writer's block and domestic frustration. Since then, Allison has focused solely on the art of sculpture. Dedication, tenacity, and what she calls “down-right stubbornness” have yielded her current success.

Allison's work is exhibited extensively. She has won numerous awards and is represented by renowned galleries in Santa Fe, Houston, Dallas, Tucson, Baton Rouge, Big Fork, Mont., Oklahoma City, Oak Park, Ill. and Middleburg, Va. Her commissioned sculptures can be seen in schools, churches, museums and government buildings across the country. In addition, her work is exhibited in nationally acclaimed, juried art exhibitions. In the past year few years, she has installed major public works in Clinton and Edmond Okla., was nominated as president of the board of the New Mexico Sculptors Guild and received four awards of excellence for her innovative work in steel.

“Each of my works has a story behind it, usually stemming from life's challenges. They address my relationships and the roles I play: daughter, mother, lover, friend, sister, business woman, consumer, artist,” Allison said. “The premise behind all of them is that if I am to know myself and live authentically and fully, then I must examine who I am in every context. Behind all of this is a deep desire to confront the art world trends that attempt to break down society, the individual and individual relationships, reducing all of the combined human experiences to their simplest and most banal forms. I deeply believe that what is human is complex, rich and beautiful and I hope, through my work, to help rebuild a framework for both beauty and the best of humanity.”

The eloquence of Allison's sculptural language dates back to her childhood when art was constantly discussed and debated by her father, a writer, and her mother, a painter. Born and raised in Santa Fe, N.M., Allison moved to Boston after college where she worked as a freelance journalist while raising her three children. It was there that she discovered her voice through sculpture. Predominantly self-taught, Allison apprenticed at a bronze foundry in Massachusetts, and later taught sculpture at the Attleboro Museum of Art and the Fuller Museum of Art, both in Massachusetts. In 1997, Allison returned to Santa Fe and the Waxlander Khadoure Gallery began representing her work.

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